Jyotsna Prashanth

Speech and Language Therapist

I'm Jyotsna Prashanth. I am a speech and language therapist. I am a post graduate with 14 years of experience. I 've been working with children with delays in speech and language associated with Autism spectrum disorder, Down's syndrome, Mental retardation, Hearing loss, Cerebral palsy, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Apraxia of speech, Multiple disorders, seizures, stuttering.
I also work with other organisations that provide counseling and horticulture therapy. I am an experimental cook and in my free time I love to try out new recipes and cook for all my family and friends, along with supplying cakes and baked goodies for various occasions. I have worked in various organizations and rehab centres and special schools. This has indeed been a rewarding career for me. I continue to learn every day from my clients, parents and people around me. I'm proud to be able to help my clients communicate more effectively with others around them.