Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a background in Psychology or Counseling and would like to volunteer your time and talent for a period of not less than 3 months at Turning Point, please write to us at contactus@turningpointcentre.com with details. If selected, you will get a:
  • First hand exposure of working at a Psychological Assessments and Counseling centre under experienced psychologists.
  • Letter of appreciation for satisfactory volunteering.
  • Opportunity to apply for jobs with us or at other similar centres or work on your own under our ‘Friend of Turning Point’ initiative.

Volunteers who are interested in duration of less than 3 consecutive months need not apply.
The professionals at Turning Point are trained to assess behaviors and offer interventions which can help the individual to function better at home, school and society.
Wrong. A psychologist can not only help the individual to become a healthy and happy person, but also pre-empt certain contentious behaviors and issues through therapy. Is it not better to seek professional help rather than rely on outdated, unscientific theories which can worsen the situation?
It depends. Some cases may need as little as a single session. Therapy sessions are tailor made to address the issues involved and can be from 5 to 10 sessions or more.
Psychologists and Therapists do not prescribe any medication. You can continue any form of medication you are already taking without discontinuing it. Our role is to help you understand your life situation – whether for yourself or the child – better and help you take effective decisions to enhance development and personal growth.
Your consultation will be private and confidential. You can be assured we do not divulge any details about our work and clients.