Payment Policy

Payment and Fees can be made to Turning Point for consultations and therapy online or offline. Payment in full is to be made for services in advance of the service rendered. By making due payment for a consultation or therapy you agree that the billing credentials provided by you will be accurate and true. The User agrees to pay all necessary fees, consulting fees and other fees applicable to User’s use of Services and the User shall not circumvent the fee structure. The fee is dependent on the Fee Plan that will be conveyed to the user in advance. The fee is nonrefundable. Turning Point is in no way responsible for any of the User’s taxes or legal or statutory compliances, except for its own due diligence. Turning Point may make available an offline fee payment facility and it is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the User using this payment facility provided. The payment process would be considered to be complete only on receipt of the fees. In order to process the fee payments, Turning Point might require details of User’s bank account, credit card number and other such financial information. Users are directed to check our privacy policy on how Turning Point uses the confidential information provided by Users. If a User is not willing to continue or unable to use the Services paid in advance, within 30 calendar days, the same shall be communicated in writing to Turning Point by the User within the stipulated period for any postponement of services at mutually convenient dates. In the absence of such intimation the User is no longer liable to claim the service paid for. In case of nonpayment of any fee beyond the date a payment becomes overdue (overdue date), Turning Point reserves the right to discontinue the Services to the User. Fees and charges shall be calculated solely based on records maintained by the billing provider. No other information of any kind shall be acceptable by us or have any effect under this agreement. The fees are nontransferable and the payment made by the User for a particular Service cannot be transferred or carried over to another Service or User under any circumstances.